(Levens)Verhalen: Letter (1936) from Frederik to Grace ter Hark

Tijdreis door de geschiedenis van families


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Letter (1936) from Frederik to Grace ter Hark

's GRAVENZANDE, the thirteenth of April 1936
My Dear family in America:
I shall try to type you an letter in your language and send five of it to uncle Thos and uncle Kasper, I think they will send the letters to the other uncles and aunts, whose address me is unknown.
I am the oldest son of your brother and sister Hindrik terHark and Nomke
Aldershoff and mij name is Frederik terHark.

As you know, our Father was deceased at the 8th of November last year. It was always the best protector of his family un man with a very sound constitution, but he fell and 10 days after it he was dead. But we had yet our dear Mother, poor dear Mother, who was very ill at the burial of our Father so ill, that we thought also her to must lose. But yet we were happy to see that she grew better, at least so seemed it. But yet, we saw it, Mother had an weak constitution. The 27th of March she again was very ill and on Sunday the 29th of March, also she died.

So we have lost within five months both our best dear parents Father was 69 years old and Mother was 65 years. Never, never, we shall forget them.
They had ten children and all were so happy with her father and mother.
My oldest sister is 45 and my youngest 27 years old.

My dear uncles, aunts, cousins and cousins when you will write to me I'll find it very fine, I can better your language read than write, mij address is: f. terHark, chief of police 's, Gravenzande. Van de Kasteelestraat Nr. 46. (Holland)

For all you many greetings, from your unknown, but loving cousin F. terHark, my Wife Aaltje de Vries, our four children Hendrik, Klasina Nomke, Pieter and Frits and all my sisters and brothers in Holland.

Verbonden metFrederik ter Hark; Grace Terhark

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