Kevin Lee Wagand geb. 18 aug 1961 Freeport, IL ovl. 16 sep 2005 Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Tijdreis door de geschiedenis van families

Kevin Lee Wagand

Kevin Lee Wagand

Mannelijk 1961 - 2005  (44 jaar)

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  • Naam Kevin Lee Wagand 
    Geboren 18 aug 1961  Freeport, IL Zoek alle personen met gebeurtenissen in deze plaats 
    Geslacht Mannelijk 
    Overleden 16 sep 2005  Ewa Beach, Hawaii Zoek alle personen met gebeurtenissen in deze plaats 
    • Kevin was married April 1, 1983 to Linda Reynolds. Linda's children by
      previous marriages:
      Jim Quartarone, Marcy Reynolds and Melissa Reynalds. Marcy is
      divorced from Craig Dehls.
      In 1999 Jim lives in Los Angeles California, I think, Marcy (uses name
      of Reynolds) lives in Denver Colorado and Melissa lives in Colorado
      Springs Colorado. Kevin and Linda were divorced about 1993 and Linda
      died in April 1995. She is buried in Denver.
      1999 Kevin served in Bosnia a couple of years ago and is currently
      stationed in South Korea
      Flew AH-1F Attack helicopter five years U.S. Calvary.
      Current Aircraft UH-60L Assault Helicopter
      Ten Years enlisted service Field Artillery
      Awards: 4 = Army Achievement Medals 2 = Army Commendation Medals 1 =
      National Defense Ribbon 4 = Good Conduct
      Ribbons: 4 = Overseas Medals
      2 = NCOES Ribbons
      Graduated from the Army Warrant Officer Candidate School at Fort Rucker,
      Alabama. (November 1989)
      March 20, 1990: My son, Kevin Lee Wagand, ran into a Kevin L. terHark
      while both were in helicopter flight training at Ft. Rucker, Alabama.
      I have had a book on that terHark family since the 1980s ... we
      capitalize the "H" ... they use the lower case "h". This family is mainly
      in Iowa and Minnesota.
      I have not had a chance to type all their information into this book as
      of June 2000 but am working on it. They came from The Netherlands in the
      early 1900s.
      Incidentally, Kevin L. Terhark has an aunt ... Nancy Terhark, born May 4,
      1942; Kevin Lee Wagand's mother (me) is Nancy TerHark Wagand, born
      November 3, 1941.
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    Moeder Levend 
    Gezins-ID F1213  Gezinsblad  |  Familiekaart

    Gezin 1 Linda Reynolds,   geb. 25 sep 1949,   ovl. 17 apr 1995, Aurora, CO Zoek alle personen met gebeurtenissen in deze plaats  (Leeftijd 45 jaar) 
    Getrouwd 01 apr 1983 
    Gescheiden 1993 
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    Gezin 2 Levend 
    Laatst gewijzigd op 15 okt 2005 
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    Gezin 3 Levend 
     1. Levend
    Laatst gewijzigd op 15 okt 2005 
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    Obituary Kevin Wagand
    Obituary Kevin Wagand